How to check the Ufone SIM number

In this busy life, if we don’t use one thing then it’s common to forget it. We use SIM numbers to make Calls or send text messages but we don’t recall our SIM number. So, it’s easy to forget your number.

How to check the Ufone SIM number

Here in this article, will discuss how to check the Ufone SIM number using easy methods and codes. Ufone provides simple Number check strategies, even if you don’t have any balance.

Using the Ufone Number Check Code

Ufone provides the easiest way to find a Ufone SIM number by dialing a code, and then you will get a notification of your number.

Here are the guidelines for this method and also the alternative of the code.

  • First of all, make sure that you are using the same Ufone SIM in your phone, the number you want to check
  • Open your cal keyboard, and dial *7803#
  • After dialing the code your screen display will show you a notification of your Ufone number within seconds.
  • Dialing this code or this process of checking the Ufone SIM number is free

Alternative Code

If the above code is not working or giving an error don’t be sad, because Ufone also provides an alternative code for checking SIM numbers.

Here is the alternative code and process:

  • Open your phone dialer and dial *1#
  • You will get a notification on your screen display within a few seconds with your SIM number
  • Also, make sure you are using the Ufone number in your phone that you want to check

This whole process is also free of cost and you can check your number anytime.

Sending an SMS

The second method of checking your Ufone SIM number is very easy. Ufone provides an SMS service for checking your number. 

Here are the guidelines about how to check the Ufone SIM number:

  • First of all, make sure that you are using the Ufone SIM in your phone, the number you want to recall
  • Open your messages, compose a new message, type MNP, and send it to 667
  • After sending the message to this number, you will receive an SMS with your Ufone number and SIM owner’s name

This service of checking your Ufone number is not free, it costs standard SMS charges to check your number. 

Contacting the Ufone Helpline

Here is an effective way to find your Ufone SIM number with the help of the Ufone helpline. If the above methods are not working then you can call on Ufone helpline.

Here is the details process of finding the Ufone SIM number:

  • First of all, use the Ufone SIM in your phone to call on the Ufone helpline number.
  • Open your phone dialer and call 333
  • Listen to the bot’s instructions carefully and then dial the number of the customer service person
  • The operator of customer service will ask about your problem, ask the operator to check your number
  • After verifying your identity, the operator will recall your SIM number and other details like the owner’s name

Checking through the Ufone Helpline number is not free. It will cost a standard call service charge with or without a package and it also depends that for how long you are on the call with the operator.


How can I check my Ufone number if my SIM is not active?

No, this is not possible to check your phone number if your SIM is inactive, you can only verify your number with your CNIC number from any nearby Ufone franchise.

Is there a charge for using the codes to check my Ufone number?

No, dialing a code is free of cost, Dial *7803# or *1# anytime to check your number.

What should I do if the codes do not work?

If the codes are not responding then try the SMS method to check your number type MNP and send it to 667, also you can call the Ufone helpline number 333 for assistance.

Can I check my Ufone number without any balance?

Yes, the codes given by Ufone are free of cost and do not require any balance. However, sending an SMS to 667 will incur a charge.

How can I verify the ownership details of my Ufone SIM?

To verify ownership details, you can call the Ufone helpline at 333 and provide the necessary information for verification.

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