How to Take a Loan in Ufone

Shortage of balance in some situations might cause problems. To ensure that these types of problems are solved so, Ufone gives advance loans in a very speedy way.

In this article, we will discuss how to take a loan in Ufone or what are the ways to take an advance balance from Ufone Network. Here is the article with brief details and solutions.

How to Get Ufone Advance Balance Loan

Here is the simple process of getting an Advance Balance Loan from Ufone Sim Network. Let’s see the step-by-step guide.

  • To get the Ufone Advance Loan, open your call pad and dial *456# from your Ufone number.
  • After dialing the code, you will receive a confirmation message of a 20 rupee loan from Ufone
  • You can use the balance for calls, SMS, and Internet data or you can use it for packages under 20 rupees.

If your balance is lower than 11 rupees, then you can also take an Advance Balance Loan from Ufone. You will get Rs. 20 credits in your account which will help to make your day.

When you take an Advance Loan from the Ufone network, you have to pay whenever you add credits or balance to your Ufone SIM. The Ufone Network will deduct your balance without asking.

Ufone users pay Rs. 20 for a loan and then also pay the interest charges of Rs. 4 (Incld Tax). For example, if you have a balance of 100 rupees, Ufone will deduct 24 rupees credits from your account and will leave 70 balance.

Terms and Conditions

When you take a Ufone Advance Loan, read the required data for the Terms And Conditions. Here in this article, we have discussed the Terms and Conditions in detail.

  • This loan is only available to Ufone users
  • Make sure that you are using an active Ufone SIM or that your SIM is approved through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
  • Different charges including advance loans will bear the burden of the loan and make sure the balance next time  

How to Check Ufone Balance

To check the remaining balance of Ufone Network dial *124# from your Ufone active number. After some moment you will receive an SMS from Ufone company about your remaining balance.

You can use this code only forb to find your remaining balance but to check the Ufone package’s remaining data then you should check the package details.

Ufone Network provides more than 20 credits balance if you use Ufone SIM with regular and deposit credits in the account.

Somehow, these SIM network companies make sure that users are getting a full chance and miss no important calls or texts.

If you still having any problems or getting errors while having a loan, then make sure that your SIM is active and has good strength.



Can postpaid customers use Ufone Advance Balance?

No, the service is only available for prepaid customers.

What will happen if I don’t recharge after taking the advance?

The advance amount will remain the same but in a negative account. You will receive an SMS from the company daily in which they ask to pay the loan.

Can I take an advance loan without paying the first loan?

No, you must repay the previous advance loan before taking another one.

Is there a limit to taking Ufone Advance Loan?

No, as long as you keep your account active with the credits on balance, you can take the loan as well

Will Ufone Network send me a notification about the deduction of load credits?

Yes, you will receive an SMS detailing the charges when you recharge.

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